Crash and burn girl, you don’t mind the fall until your face hits the ground.

Jan 26

It is Tuesday evening and I am finally wound down from work. Kyle is also at basketball, so I have a little time to myself. I’ve done all my normal after-work activities: cat litter, dishes, vacuuming and some clothes folding. Work is going well and although I am insanely busy, I’m really liking the routine. (Or deviation from routine–depends on the day!). On the wedding front: I ordered my invitations, finalized the guest list, and officially took off a week in August for our honeymoon. Now we just have to figure out where we will go! I’m really pushing for Costa Rica, England or South America. If the price is right I might get lucky with one of those locations, but with my luck we’ll probably end up just doing another Caribbean cruise. Which is fine really, because by August a vacation will be much appreciated regardless of destination!

Time to move along. A few photos as per usual:

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Jan 22

A quick photo post before I drive in the freezing rain to work. Because it’s Friday, sure why not?

(Still my favorite photo of Lohan ever)

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Jan 01

Let me preface this post with a quick statement regarding my feelings on resolutions. I like to make them, and always break them. But I still keep making them because I enjoy setting goals (whether abstract or concrete). Much like I enjoy making daily lists on yellow post-its and crossing off items with PURPOSE. So anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say here, after having just spent all day eating pasta, chocolate, bread, and peanut butter while laying on the couch with my dogs…is that I want to make some resolutions. Because it’s trendy, because I like the idea of change and fresh starts, even if by next year I haven’t been a total success. So here is my resolution “to-do” list in no particular order. And perhaps unconventionally, I plan on starting all of this TOMORROW (that would be January 2nd) considering today was sort of a day of loafing limbo.

1. Do at least 20 minutes of pilates or cardio 3 times weekly (not including weekly riding lesson).
2. Eat when hungry, and only when hungry.
3. Find and then exude confidence.
4. Enjoy my engagement and not turn into a true bridezilla.
5. Be a devoted and patient fiancee (or wife, come August).
6. Stay focused, positive and driven as I begin my new career.
7. Learn how to budget and manage school loan/credit debt.
8. Make more art.
9. Help my miniature dachshunds lose weight so they don’t develop horrible and expensive back conditions.
10. Make more meals instead of eating sandwiches or lean cuisines for dinner.

Reading them back to myself they don’t really look like resolutions. But to each his own. Those are just a few things I plan to work on in 2010. Life is about to change quite a bit for me starting Monday, so we’ll see how it goes! I will now get back to watching football (gag) with my fiance and the wieners (cute). Happy New Year!


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