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Mar 09

This is going to be one giant picture post because things have been a little strange and art/photos seem to do it best for me as of late. In terms of a life update (that’s what “blogging” is these days, right? mundane life updates?)…Kyle and I have contacted a Realtor, and we will start looking at homes tomorrow evening after work. I am predicting this to be a long and painful process, taking many months and likely, buckets of tears. But I am happy to tackle the idea head on, and hope in 6 months time we may just have a bingo. My life motto has always been peppered with such an attitude: expect the worst, no matter what, and in the end you’re at least 5% more likely to be delightfully surprised. Some may think this approach to be unhealthy, or perhaps even restraining. But no…no no. I continue to thrive by living this way. And so it goes.

Work, good. Riding, on hold. Art, only in my head. Reading, FINALLY. I’ve finally begun to tackle some of Kurt Vonnegut’s work and I am refreshed. I’m trying this new tactic–reading before bed to try and incite sleepiness. Years of PhD certified advice, and I am just now getting my stubborn head around it. We’ll see if they were right. Stay tuned, if you dare.

And I leave you with a random smattering of inspiring images. Enjoy.

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  1. OK, I thought the ballerina one was my favourite but then there was the art heart one and now that’s going to be my FB avatar, I think.

    <3 Thanks!

    Hope all is well for you.

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