Russian roulette is not the same without a gun.

Aug 31

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Be unforgettable.

Aug 30

Occasionally, in between beats of my constantly fluttering wings, I take a look down at myself. Being so constantly stimulated (a state of my own natural choosing) is tiresome but at the same time keeps me bright. Even when I reach a peak of lethargy, I envision a tiny little coal inside my chest glowing red and still always prepared for ignition. I look at myself, my little fragile physical parts and my big fragile spiritual parts. And although the words (unspoken, but racing through brains) may grow more eloquent, the conclusion tends to remain the same. I see myself as a sensitive human being. Lost to myself, found to others, and occasionally a dichotomy of the two. I have the heart of a tormented artist, yet also possessing this strange and constant desire to climb, compete, prove, and win. But the games I want to win feel distinctly different than those in the majority.

Or maybe not. Perhaps I am no more special than a common pigeon.

With this soul of a buzzing hummingbird, comes the awkward tendency to make a complete clown of myself in perfectly typical situations. I wonder how many can even see the glimmer of energy and passion behind such a fragile shell. Though bright colors, costumes and carefully placed (and learned) dialogue has helped me toughen up the exterior…like everyone, so much work is still yet to be done. Can’t let that fire go out. That fire keeps me alive.

Would have, could have, should have…the three killers.

I want to help people find the beauty in ugly things, and the ugly in beautiful things. Essentially, I want to challenge it all. Because when I’ve challenged them, they’ve in turn challenged me. For as much as I hate surprises…I sure do enjoy surprising others.

The time to hesitate is through.

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Back from the moon

Aug 29

We returned from our honeymoon cruise last night, and I am still so out of sorts. I can’t wait to find the time/energy to describe all the fun excursions, fabulous food, and lovely tidbits for you. I also cannot wait until I can post pictures (of both the wedding–we finally have almost all of the professional and “disposable” pictures–and honeymoon).

Maybe this week, we’ll see. But hey, Katelyn DeVan is still here. Very tired, and anxious for my return to work tomorrow. I need to take care of myself, my family and my priorities. I still need to legally change my name. And get a new passport. And do all those fun married things now that I am done traveling and it’s safe to play around with my identity.


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And I’ve made it past the storm…

Aug 20

More to come. My wonderful photographer is sending me all the final shots early next week, but I continue to receive some excellent sneak peeks. Before I depart for my honeymoon (which officially starts THIS EVENING…even though my cruise doesn’t leave until Monday)…I thought I’d give you another teaser. Wonderful day. Wonderful photographer. Stunning makeup artistry, fabulous hair stylist, great family and friends. The memories keep flooding in, and every morning (despite the new challenges that greet me with each buzz of my alarm) I am reminded of the awesomeness and power of not just love, but devotion and dedication. Marriage is hard work. But I’ve always welcomed challenges. Here’s to the weekend, and hopefully an awesome and restful honeymoon.

Ethereal Love

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Where do the minutes and hours go?

Aug 15

I am still recovering from last weekend’s wedding/work madness. I promise to post a full wedding gallery once I have it complete. I am very tempted to post random shots, but I have to resist the urge.

Side note, after working like a madwoman this weekend…I decided to relax in the basement and watch a “Whale Wars” marathon. I’m still watching…I can’t stop. I want to go save whales right now. One week of work, some housecleaning, and many loose ends to be tied…and I’ll be off on my honeymoon cruise to Cozumel and Calica. I haven’t had a vacation in years, so this one will be truly appreciated and extra magical.

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