Fall cleaning

Oct 31

I just hacked my RSS feed and I’m feeling pretty great about it. Last night was the most horrible sleep I’ve had in weeks. It’s always pretty bad, but for whatever reason, in between 30-minute periods of rest I kept having terrifying nightmares. I hope to sneak a nap in before the trick-or-treating starts.

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Oct 30

I sort of feel like this right now:

But it’s alright I suppose. I finally feel like I’ve reached a weekend that glimmers with a spark of fun, relaxation, and catch-up time. After I clean the house and do some shopping, Kyle and I are going to carve our pumpkins. This year I promised to not be scared of the kids and actually sit outside and pass out candy. In a few weeks this blog will be changing pretty dramatically (in a good, more interesting way, I think). So if there are any of you left reading out there…do stay tuned!

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Really, I’m still here.

Oct 16

October is my absolute favorite month. Not only is it the month of Pumpkin flavored coffee and ice cream, but it is characterized by the most lovely smells and most perfectly cool weather. October is when I can put flannel sheets on my bed, but leave the heat off. October is when I can smell the cold air in the dark morning as I let the dogs out. Something always feels fresh and new in this month. And then it gets way too cold, and my Raynaud’s kicks in full-force leaving me with blood-less, blue feet. But back to October…

Today, Kyle and I went to the optometrist together (yes, really) and then shared a delightful lunch and some quick shopping. I was all set to go home for a nap, but somehow he managed to talk me in to a random zoo visit. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here, but we bought memberships earlier this year and it was the greatest idea ever. So basically, we go all the time. Randomly and not so randomly. I wasn’t really up for it today as I had a wicked headache, but I am glad we went. It was the most wonderfully crisp zoo trip ever. Nobody in sight, the weather was cool yet sunny, and the animals were all out today. It was nice to get out and moving and away from computer screens and chairs. The afternoon was frosted by a visit to my favorite childhood ice cream parlor (where I indulged in Pumpkin ice cream, of course). Today was different than most Saturdays lately…and I told the bills and the laundry that they would have to wait.

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Here we are, trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why.

Oct 06

I solemnly swear to write a robust, juicy, rambling, Katelyn-style “blog” as soon as I get my life back. It has currently been placed on hold while I fail at things like sleeping properly/eating properly/improving my posture/keeping up with my fitness.

All for the climb. The never ending, perpetual climb.

In the mean time, if you wish for a visual interpretation of how Mrs. Brainshambles has been “feeling” (because that is what BLOGS are for, FEEEEEELINGSSSS right?)…here you are:

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