The Infamous Year of 2010

Dec 30

In 2010, I started a completely new chapter of life. Not only did I willingly take on tasks that I’d never dream of doing at 24, but also realized a lot of my core values. The best part of it all was finding a part of myself I never knew, the wife and homemaker. These are two roles I’ve recently been refining and cannot wait to master. A few years ago, if you asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I’d still be telling you that I want to be a high-profile graphic designer/traveler/career-woman extraordinaire. Those things still sound interesting, but in different ways. I’m still artistic, love to learn, have a dangerous sense of curiosity, and am highly driven. The major deviation from my extravagant plan is that my priorities have completely changed. That should be the word of the year for me. Priorities. Less focus on money, success, recognition, and “the climb”. More focus on my health, my husband, my home, and most of all…my growing babies. So let’s just break it down in a quick list. Here are the biggest milestones of 2010.

1. Acquired my first full-time, “real” office job. Blackberry and all. (I just realized, that next week will mark my 1-year anniversary there.)

2. Just as fast as I got the job, I became enamored with the job, obsessed with the job, and then realized that the job was starting to take over. So I refocused, and am now balancing work and family much more effectively.

3. Got married. The best decision of my 24 years of living. My husband is my best friend. He is my left leg. And I am not ashamed of being so reliant on him. That’s what marriage is about. And I couldn’t ask for a more perfect other half.

4. Went on a honeymoon cruise.

5. Bought my first home.

6. Got my first “big girl car”. No more little death trap cars with manual roll down windows. I have a nice family-safe Jeep.

7. Got accepted into an MBA program, decided not to start said MBA program, and realized *for myself* that I had been rushing through life way too fast.

8. Found out we were expecting twins.

9. Stopped dieting after 3+ years of strict point counting and scale watching. Pulled out the size 2 “fat jeans”. And then grew quickly out of the “fat jeans”.

9. Stopped being so self-absorbed, and began focusing my energy on creating two new lives while really developing my marriage.

That last milestone may not be as tangibly measurable as the others, but it really is the most important feat of this past year. I am so infinitely thankful for my husband and my family, who have been continually supportive and patient with me. I cannot wait for 2011. We will have babies, new experiences, new struggles, new things to laugh at together, and hopefully some more self development.

And about those pictures I promised yesterday…here we are.

cimg0582 cimg0587 cimg0588 cimg0590 cimg0593


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Dec 29

Tomorrow, I am going to bite the bullet and hopefully upload a couple pictures for everyone. I’ve been incredibly self conscious about my changing body, careful not to go out in public often and never post pictures of myself that show my growing belly. But as much as I want to “try and lose 2 pounds”…Kyle assures me that losing weight while pregnant is stupid. He’s right. I know this. I know all the rules. That weight watcher-rail-thin personality just keeps telling me that I’m failing. I wanted to be that person that everyone *swore* I would be…little stick legs, thin as always, with a nice perfect bump. But nobody ever believes me that it took one year of hard work and point counting to lose 30 pounds, reaching my unimaginable model-thin physique. I worked every single day to achieve that dream. I keep telling myself that it’s ok that I’m bigger…that the uncomfortably familiar curves have returned. I’m not convinced yet. Growing two babies is hard work. Anyhow…enough of that psychobabble. Back to the promises.

Tomorrow I am going to post a picture of my baby bump, because it’s really remarkably huge for only being 4 months (repeat: TWINS). I also am going to post pictures of our nursery which is now basically complete, minus bed sheets. Today, the remaining piece of furniture, a 6 drawer dresser, was delivered. That room is jam packed. We have a cute little bungalow in a cute little neighborhood…perfect for a cute little family. But I can tell you for sure…two cribs were never supposed to be able to fit in any of these rooms! It looks really fun and modern though, and I can’t wait to share. Tomorrow, I also want to touch on some of my 2010 milestones, for two reasons mainly. First, looking back just briefly, this was the most eventful year of my life so far. Second, I think it’s important that I remind myself of all the massive positive changes that have occurred as result of hard work and cooperative efforts between my husband and I.

So if you are still reading…stay tuned and come back tomorrow? I promise not to disappoint.

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Barefoot and pregnant.

Dec 28

I am off work this entire week, which is really lovely. An added bonus is the fact that I am feeling really fantastic. This morning I made pretty good headway in the house cleaning department, but what has been more surprising is my rediscovered zest for cooking. I ran out to the grocery store and picked up ingredients (way too expensive by the way) for a chicken tortilla soup as well as a french silk pie. Both are new recipes, and the soup will take several hours of crock pot simmering–while the pie cools. I really hope they turn out. I used to bake absolutely all the time, so finding the energy and desire to do so once more was really refreshing. Kyle has been begging for that damn pie for months.

I never would have said this a year or so ago, but I really think I could trade in my day job to be a housewife. As long as I baked all day, went to yoga classes, and found other ways to bide my time…I could really get used to this. Too bad…

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Happy Holidays

Dec 23

I just wanted to pop in and say hello…

I am quite thrilled because tonight starts the beginning of my 10 day break from work, and we got to heart two little baby heartbeats today at the doctor’s. Other wonderful things include my family coming over for dinner tonight, the smell of garlic potatoes cooking, and a tree full of presents. My parents are leaving for Texas tomorrow morning, so we are doing an early present-opening. My little sister will be spending a few days at our house, and I look forward to putting her on dog duty. Maybe this week and a half off work will allow me to catch up on the basement full of laundry and some cleaning. I might just spend it eating cheesecake and cereal though. We’ll see.


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Dec 19

My stomach started itching today. And Palmer’s Cocoa Butter smells bad. But I’ll continue to slather it on with the false belief that it will magically prevent stretch marks from developing on my perfect abs. Or…the area that used to house perfect abs. Here are some visuals that describe the exciting life I’m currently living:

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