19-20 weeks

Jan 23

I realized that I haven’t updated in a while, but considering things are really amping up…I think it’s time. I also think it’s time, because I’m awfully bored and have been sitting on the couch eating brownies, peanut butter and ice cream all weekend long. So for the sake of documentation here is another “list” of what’s going on.

1. I’m going to be honest here. I stopped taking my prenatals weeks and weeks ago. I am lazy, but I also eat so much folic acid-rich cereal, fruits and veggies…that I do not feel the least bit guilty. My selective screening and nuchal translucency tests have officially confirmed that my babies are defect-free.

2. Did I ever get to mentioning that I tested positive as a carrier for cystic fibrosis? That was an interesting 2-week scare. Luckily, Kyle was confirmed *not* to be a carrier, so we can procreate as many times as we want (which is never, ever, again) and be sure that our babies won’t have CF.

3. Oh, hi 30 pounds of weight gain in 4.5 months! You are awesome. Way to suck.

4. While I’ve moved up to a size “Medium” in maternity dress pants, I’m going to hang on to every last shred of happiness that wearing a size “small” maternity jean provides. I think I have at least one more month before I go straight in to plus sized apparel.

5. A different way of looking at all of this is that in my pre-dieting years, my starting weight watchers number was my current 4.5 months pregnant number. So…I don’t know what I’m trying to say with that one. I guess, it could be worse if I had started this pregnant journey of fun at 135.

6.  My taste and love for peanut butter has returned. Maybe morning sickness did have its perks…mother nature’s way of keeping my fingers out of the jar.

7. We find out the genders on February 2nd (that’s 9 days and 19 hours…yes, I’m counting).

8. Until very recently, I was praying and hoping for two boys. Anyone who knows me well understands my general dislike of other females (sorry! sorry!). But anyhow, I’ve started to think maybe one of each might be fun…at least for shopping purposes.

9. Sciatica…yes, it’s awesome. I’m really enjoying getting up from my office chair like a 500 pound elderly person. Or randomly being paralyzed while squatting on the floor of Babies R’ Us (I was looking at a bottle warmer, to be exact).

10. The two worst things that have uttered to me so far are “have you gained weight in your thighs?” and “you face is fuller!”. Pair one of those two statements with an ambush belly molestation, and you’ve set me up for a *fantastic* work day.

11. The left wing of my humingbird tattoo (which is conveniently placed on my lower abdomen with beak pointed towards my navel) is freakishly outgrowing the right wing.

12. I don’t really care about my tattoos stretching out, but people do ask about it a lot. I always said I’d never care. And I don’t. It helps that they still look pretty great…and I don’t think there will be any lasting damage.

13. I know I probably shouldnt publicize strange facts like this one…but I’ve always had this “thing” about people looking at me. I always felt like people were looking at me and WOW how amplified is that now? Believe it or not, I don’t like to attract attention and now I feel like people are always looking at my belly and it flat.out.creeps.me.out.

14. Ready for some sort of positive note about how beautiful the gift of life is, and how awesome my skin looks…etc.?

15. I guess my skin looks nice, but I’ve always had nice skin.

16. I’m really enjoying salads with chunks of broccoli on top and any food that includes black beans as a main ingredient. For example, today I had black bean soup for lunch. And then a black bean burrito for dinner. Maybe my babies are hispanic? Kyle would definitely have some questions…

17. My husband is really cute, and I’m genuinely glad that he enjoys the pregnant, weird Katelyn so much.  He is very protective of “us”, and takes time almost every day to read about twins and pregnancy and hilarious things that husbands don’t normally read about. I’m actually about to get yelled at for having the laptop on my belly…and then he will likely offer me a 2nd serving of brownies.

18. I wish I could do that maternity shirt with cute belt around the belly thing…or even wear short sleeves to work. My every-day look involves some very boring combination of a black tank top, and an open front cardigan thing (which of course, must be long enough to cover my enormous derriere and bunchy preg-pants).

19. I still indulge in professional hair color (going again on Tuesday night) because I enjoy chemicals.

20. I drink 2 cups of coffee per day (and lots of chocolate), and some of the ladies on babycenter.com would tell you that I’m going to hell or my babies will be born with ailments similar to a crack addiction.

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