Snowy Friday

Feb 25

Today I worked from home instead of putting my very pregnant self at risk on the snow covered roads. We got slammed early this morning with a snow storm and virtually all the schools in Northeastern Ohio were closed. To top off the already off-kilter day, Kyle noticed when moving the cars this morning that something is leaking from the Jeep. My awesome and considerate mother drove an hour to take me to my doctor’s appointment this afternoon. It’s days like these where I’m so thankful to have such a great support system.

Times are sort of tough lately, as my body quickly outgrows itself. I’m finding it hard to obtain sympathy from other women (even those who have had children recently). The differences between being pregnant, and pregnant with twins are enormous. Of course, expecting twins is all I’ve known, as this is my first time. But there’s an astronomical amount of growing that goes on and my mind and body are starting to really take a beating. 3 more months. Only 3 more months.

That’s hoping I go 3 weeks early.

We have our “Expecting Multiples” class tomorrow morning at the hospital. It’s 4 hours long, and I hope worthwhile. Next month we attend “Baby Basics”. I know absolutely nothing about babies…and it’s frightening.

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Week 22

Feb 13

My header is sort of wrong, because technically I won’t be 22 weeks until Wednesday. Conversely, my baby girls measure a week ahead, so I could say 23 weeks…wow, this is redundant?

I haven’t experienced what I would call “cravings” at all this pregnancy. I just eat a lot of food, huge enormous portions of food, many many times a day. However, I can say that last night I experienced my first official “craving”. It was 11:45 p.m., and I sat up out of bed proclaiming that I wanted a banana. I *needed* a banana. Not a ripe one…more like a chewy sort of still-green one. But bananas, we did not have.

Friday night was uneventful until I was struck by the most horrible and frightening leg cramp. I’m talking muscle-bending, uncontrollable, leg cramping. Kyle wasn’t home at the time, and I fell off the couch screaming my lungs out as if someone was bludgeoning me. It was scary. Hopefully a one-time occurrence.

Life continues to become more and more glamorous. Ferocious kicks seem to be the only “fun” highlight of my day. For a while, I only felt Baby A. Baby B has finally made herself known, and I now have a full length version of “Alien vs Predator” running on loop in my belly.

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Prego Winter Blues

Feb 06

While my pregnancy has challenged me from the very beginning (which was pretty early, at only 3 weeks), I’d have to say that this past month has really been difficult.

I can attribute my less-than-perfect mood to many things. However, I really think that this horrible Ohio winter has played one of the biggest roles. We’ve had a colder, snowier than usual winter, leaving everyone in basically constant hibernation. In the beginning, I would tell everyone how great it is that I won’t have to be huge and pregnant in the super hot summer months. How perfect would this “surprise” time line be? Who wouldn’t love to stay nice and cozy during gestation, and deliver in May/June with the perfect summer vacation maternity leave?

Well, I have changed my mind. I would absolutely kill to be pregnant in spring or summer. And here is why. I am so sick of hibernating in my basement watching television, while deepening the crater in the middle couch cushion. I already can’t manage to eat right (it’s one extreme or the other for this girl), and now I can’t even get outside for some gentle walks? Kyle and I walk or bike almost daily when it’s warm out. It provides us the opportunity to relax after work, talk, enjoy our dogs, and get some exercise. I miss going to the park and walking so much. I wish I could be that person who can stand doing prenatal pilates dvds every day, or walking on a treadmill. But a) I don’t have a treadmill, b) workout dvds bore me to tears and c) I’ve developed awful sciatica and can’t lay flat – meaning, floor exercises are the equivalent of war-torture.

Going to the grocery store on a Saturday, or the chiropractor…or sitting in a movie theatre for 2 hours, these small and stupid time-killers have become the highlights of my life. I have 4(ish) more months, how does anyone make it past this ridiculous stretch? At least at the end, there will be two cute and squishable baby girls to fuss over. And I can get back on track to my new goal…MILF.

This was a terribly shallow and whiny blog post. I apologize.

How about I type their names again…because it’s fun, and weird? And awkward? And fun?



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20 week ultrasound

Feb 02

We just found out we are having twin girls!

This wasn’t in my master plan…but neither was having any babies period. Here’s to buying barbies!

Baby A is now Audrey  Reagan.

Baby B is now Paige Morgan.


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