Snowy Friday

Feb 25

Today I worked from home instead of putting my very pregnant self at risk on the snow covered roads. We got slammed early this morning with a snow storm and virtually all the schools in Northeastern Ohio were closed. To top off the already off-kilter day, Kyle noticed when moving the cars this morning that something is leaking from the Jeep. My awesome and considerate mother drove an hour to take me to my doctor’s appointment this afternoon. It’s days like these where I’m so thankful to have such a great support system.

Times are sort of tough lately, as my body quickly outgrows itself. I’m finding it hard to obtain sympathy from other women (even those who have had children recently). The differences between being pregnant, and pregnant with twins are enormous. Of course, expecting twins is all I’ve known, as this is my first time. But there’s an astronomical amount of growing that goes on and my mind and body are starting to really take a beating. 3 more months. Only 3 more months.

That’s hoping I go 3 weeks early.

We have our “Expecting Multiples” class tomorrow morning at the hospital. It’s 4 hours long, and I hope worthwhile. Next month we attend “Baby Basics”. I know absolutely nothing about babies…and it’s frightening.


  1. so glad i got to chat with you. hang in there, it will be worth it (or so i’ve heard!) can’t wait to see the gorgeous baby girls. <3

  2. You’re doing a good job, mama. Real good. I’m proud of you.

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