Week 22

Feb 13

My header is sort of wrong, because technically I won’t be 22 weeks until Wednesday. Conversely, my baby girls measure a week ahead, so I could say 23 weeks…wow, this is redundant?

I haven’t experienced what I would call “cravings” at all this pregnancy. I just eat a lot of food, huge enormous portions of food, many many times a day. However, I can say that last night I experienced my first official “craving”. It was 11:45 p.m., and I sat up out of bed proclaiming that I wanted a banana. I *needed* a banana. Not a ripe one…more like a chewy sort of still-green one. But bananas, we did not have.

Friday night was uneventful until I was struck by the most horrible and frightening leg cramp. I’m talking muscle-bending, uncontrollable, leg cramping. Kyle wasn’t home at the time, and I fell off the couch screaming my lungs out as if someone was bludgeoning me. It was scary. Hopefully a one-time occurrence.

Life continues to become more and more glamorous. Ferocious kicks seem to be the only “fun” highlight of my day. For a while, I only felt Baby A. Baby B has finally made herself known, and I now have a full length version of “Alien vs Predator” running on loop in my belly.


  1. Eat more bananas. They are the exact thing that make those cramps go around. Bananas, baked potatoes, and yogurt will help stave off those cramps. I only had them a handful of times and they were HORRIBLE.

  2. *around = away.

  3. I always eat my bananas kinda half way green myself and I’m not preggo. Ha.

    I can’t imagine what you’re feeling in your belly! So incredible.

  4. mark /

    hey, don’t get me wrong, but i think maybe aliens v predator might be a bit mature for your kids at this stage 😉

    Maybe start them on something a little more tame, such as ‘dorithy the dinoasaur’, or ‘the wiggles’.

    – your aussie pal

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