Mar 30

Good news.

1. Took my 3 hour glucose test (that’s 4 blood draws in 3 hours) today. It came back negative which is a huge relief. When I failed the 1 hour, I thought for sure I’d be that random “skinny” person with gestational diabetes.
2. Officially and definitely in my THIRD trimester. Only…6-8 weeks left (assuming we go early around 36 weeks).

I’m going to try to stay as positive as possible here, because my body is hurting and I’m absolutely exhausted from this wild ride. Just a few days until my baby shower…where I can safely and non-diabetically stuff my face full of cake and spinach dip (not together, of course.)

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Just another manic Monday

Mar 28

This weekend was pretty uneventful. Which is great news these days. Today marks the beginning of my FOURTH week at home (amazing how time moves so slowly and so quickly all at once). I’ve burned through a stack of magazines, one book, too many episodes of Cake Boss and at least 3 boxes of cereal. Today, I’m going to try and learn how to knit in the few hours before my fifth ultrasound. We are crossing our fingers that little Audrey’s fluid levels are back to normal. I’m not really worried about Paige, because she’s the larger of the two ladies and I can almost always feel her doing the Tango. Funny…because until the last month, I wasn’t even convinced she was really in there.

I’m pretty excited for my baby shower this coming Saturday, because it means I’m allowed out of the house (!), cute little baby presents and cake.

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It’s 9:40 p.m.

Mar 25

I want raw sushi and a glass (or 3) of red wine. And to wear a pear of my size 2 jeans.

That is all.

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Because I aim to please

Mar 24

Hi, I hate this! But I like my readers, and know how much everyone enjoys these photos…

-27/28 weeks

-Pout face

-Poking in my bellybutton because it’s gross


It’s really sunny but freakishly cold today. My terbutaline headache is only at about 50% which makes for a decent afternoon. Kyle brought me home some biscotti on his lunch break and now the ladies and I  are just hanging out watching “Amazing Cakes” reruns. I get sucked in to these stupid cake shows, and by 5:00 p.m. all I want to do is shovel red velvet cake into my face. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Know what that means?!!!

Absolutely nothing anymore! Yeah yeah!

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Drugs that make your face hurt.

Mar 23

This week sucks, doctor’s appointments go something like this:

1. Suck
2. Suck some more
3. Tears, then more things suck
4. Take drugs that make your head feel like it’s going to explode.

On the bright side, I have managed yet again to avoid a hospital stay, and thanks to the lovely drug Terbutaline, my babies are hanging out a little more safely. My family is so sweet. I’ve got a stack of trash magazines sitting on my table and people have been feeding us dinner weekly. My aunt also sent me a knitting book/dvd, so as soon as I can see straight, I hope work on that as well.

Everyone is requesting that I post some belly pictures. You all know how much I love my body right now (ha ha!), but I will say this: My baby shower is on April 2nd, so there will definitely be photos taken and posted that day.

I am going to go try and digest my turkey sandwich now. It is rainy and disgusting here today, which at least is managing to make me sleepy.

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