April 25 – The end is near but not near enough.

Apr 25

This isn’t going to be a particularly eloquent post, as I’m reaching that point of sheer exhaustion combined with severe back pain. I have an hour to kill before Kyle comes home from work though, so I figured I might as well give a little update.

This past Saturday involved a 2 hour visit to Labor & Delivery. I’m fine, babies are awesome…just some little scary things that were apparently worth checking out. I envisioned the L&D floor as being some sort of happy sunny place, no idea why. It wasn’t really like that. Pretty dim and extremely quiet. I guess that’s how it should be, so ladies can relax and babies can sleep? I have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyhow, I spent my 2 hours of hospital time in a small triage room hooked up to the baby heartbeat/contraction monitor. It’s amazing how many contractions I have constantly. I hadn’t seen them actually measured until Saturday. For me, they are “normal” in the sense that I’ve been having them and treating them since 24 weeks. However, the nurse seemed sort of confused that I was so un-phased.

Easter Sunday was uneventful, slow and rainy. I’m pretty great at playing “pretend” when required (i.e. – during uncomfortable family dinners), but yesterday was an exception. I could hardly keep my eyes open! Amazing to feel so tired, yet still be completely unable to sleep. Weeks and months of no sleep. I’m sort of sick of hearing the same old line from “sympathizers”. It’s always the same, “oh, this is NOTHING! You don’t KNOW tired yet! Enjoy this time!”

That response would make total sense to me if I weren’t a chronic insomniac. I mean really…we’re talking a maximum of 2 hours in a night. I’m actually looking forward to babies “waking” me, because a) maybe they will tire me to the TRUE point of exhaustion and b) at least I’ll have something to do at 2:30 a.m. when I’m laying there!

We have our 6th ultrasound this Wednesday, so I am looking forward to that. It’s nice to have little events to look forward to right now. Kyle and I both need them more than ever. What a perfect husband he is. This guy is outrageous. I want everyone to know how wonderful he is, and then I want to put him in a box and keep him in my pocket.

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Nesting…at only 31 weeks.

Apr 19

So, I broke some bed rest rules today and went bat-shit crazy.
I just really needed to vaccuum/lint roll/organize my shoe closets (yes, plural). I lint rolled…my shoes. I sat on the floor and shimmied my way around, so hopefully it doesn’t earn me a big fat smack on the wrist later. We’ll know around 7:00pm when I am a) comfortable resting my huge butt on the couch or b) convincing Kyle for the 3rd night in a row that I’m going into preterm labor.

I also ordered my postpartum abdominal binder. It’s a big piece of tight elastic with velcro that makes ladies believe their waists are being magically shrunk. I am admittedly, a sucker for vanity. Even at my hugest. Hey, if $16.99 gives me even a penny worth of self confidence, I think it’s worth it. Other items on my pre-baby list of tasks include:

1. Organize all random ultrasound pictures and other memory-related things so I may one day make baby books.
2. Sort and clean out my jewelery boxes.
3. Kill the dogs (just kidding…sort of.)
4. Figure out how I will keep track of feedings etc. for the girls (I’ve read about dry erase boards, baby logs, phone apps)
5. Find more baby-sized jelly shoes, because I’m obsessed.
6. Have Kyle, my mom and/or my mother in law do a total hands-and-knees house cleaning.
7. Eat more chocolate.

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Reaffirming my desire to move to Louisiana.

Apr 18

First off – if you read last night’s post, and thought I had lost my marbles, no worries. Kyle always pokes fun at my blog and decided to log in last night and “guest blog”. He is a precious peanut so I’m going to leave it up.

Second, it should be remembered that my latest pregnancy craving is shrimp. I’ve eaten more shrimp in the past few weeks than I normally would in a year. I haven’t really had any big silly cravings aside from this one. Occasionally I want a banana in the middle of the night. SHRIMP though. Shrimp.

We had another positive doctor’s appointment today. It’s crazy having two good, non-horribly scary experiences in a row. My belly is still measuring 34 weeks (I’m really 31) and both girls have lovely little heartbeats. I’m looking forward to my 6th ultrasound next week. Kyle and I have developed this new obsession with their weights. I would be so thrilled if they were each at 4 pounds next week.

As much as I’ve complained about gaining an insane amount of weight during this past 7.5 months, I can confidently say that it is slowing way down. I’m only up .5 pounds in the past two weeks. A lovely reprieve from the 5-10 pound gains that plagued me in the first and second trimesters. Wouldn’t it be great if I could deliver twins at under 155?

I probably owe another belly shot next week. We’ll see what’s going on this weekend.

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ooglie booglie

Apr 17

Today was a wonderful day. Kyle pushed me around the zoo in a wheelchair. His poor legs. It was very nice to get outside for a bit. I sure do miss it. Being stuck in this house all day sure can be a bore. Speaking of boars, I think little piggies are very cute.
Bye for now.
P.S. I want a HIPPO and the wigglie ears.

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April 14, 2011 – Wiener Jowls

Apr 14

I do enjoy a good pinchful of Rupert jowls.

Just sayin’.

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