The best part of waking up…

Jun 30

No matter how long the night, how rough the morning…this is usually how I get on my feet. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, All-Bran (yes, because I’m 80) and some sort of fruit. Did you know I basically only eat one meal a day? This is it. And it’s my favorite.
And we’re off to another insane day…

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UM…about that.

Jun 29

Screaming babies. Make my head hurt. And my husband neurotic.

On a positive note (sort of? like, turn this frown upside down, sort of positive?)…we were able to get an emergency exterminator in same day to rid our house of a very sudden, very strange ant infestation. When I mean strange…I’m talking, I woke up this morning and the ants had grown wings. Flying. Fricking. Ants. Apparently, they exist. I was just happy to find out that they weren’t “baby wasps”…which is what I had convinced Kyle (basically in tears, at 7am) was attacking my kitchen. I find a small amount of joy in knowing that these magical flying ants are now eating poison out of my baseboards and bringing it back to their bitch queen. Die, ant queen, DIE.

Today was quite busy. All whilst this exterminating fiasco was transpiring, I managed to get several hours of solid work done (thanks Mom, for holding whiny babies!) and make a trip to Wal-Mart. Because the truth is, one can never have enough paper towels and lysol wipes. I have a thing with germs. AKA, I like to kill germs. All day, every day. Oh, and speaking of germs, note to self: don’t ever take twins to the Wal-Mart in Eastlake ever again. Taking twins anywhere is like holding a big neon sign above your head that says “FREAK SHOW, RIGHT HERE! COME LOOK! COME TOUCH! COME STARE IN SHOCK AND AWE!”

And as vain as I may be (yes, really, vain)…most of the time I absolutely hate attracting attention.

When Kyle came home, I escaped solo on a mission. Find new work bag that meets the following requirements:
1) Cute as hell
2) Big as hell
3) Shoulder straps that don’t tear my delicate little muscles
4) Matching pocket for laptop

7 stores later, I came home empty handed. Well, not totally empty handed. A Wendy’s berry salad and some french fries for the husband may or may not have found their way into my car on the way home.

Wow, look at that. I even found the time and energy to write an old-fashioned style “blah blah, this was what I did today” blog. Manic? Panic? Manic Panic?

Off to spray my bed with lavendar sleep mist, slap on my princess eye mask, and try to catch some sleep before the 2am feed.

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Many shoes.

Jun 27

How I accomplish so much in the day despite being constantly stared down by cuteness, is beyond me.

Oh, right. It’s because I have achieved Superwoman status. It’s tiring. It goes against the opinions and advice of many. But it’s possible, so innately I must push towards the goal.

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June 26 – First Zoo Trip

Jun 26

After much hesitance…I finally let Kyle convince me to take our tiny little peach pies to the zoo. The temperature was mild, I was feeling ambitious, so off we went. If I just remember to breathe through the long car rides and the scary prodding strangers, I usually can make it through an “outing” fairly unscathed. I am not only neurotic, but now fiercely protective. One creepy old lady did manage to weasel her hands on to Audrey while we were trying to view the rhinoceroses.

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Sunday Funday.

Jun 26

It is a sickness…the joy that cleaning up my desktop brings.

It is also a sickness…how nerdalicious and great I feel sitting in front of two laptops, and one pc, working on all three simultaneously.

Hi, my name is Katelyn. I am a freak.

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