Dec 29

My grandmother passed away early yesterday morning. I keep thinking about this thing she used to do to me when I was little and spending the night over her house. I’ve always had trouble sleeping, but I don’t think she knew that at the time.
Each night I slept over (which was often), she’d turn the lights down and “give me the light”. She spent several minutes “gathering” energy and light, and made me believe she was sprinkling it all over my body. This is the single most vivid memory I have of her. I guess it made some sort of impact. I remember thinking and feeling the power of her energy, even visualizing little dots and flashes of light floating over and upon my body as she put her hands over me. Even if it was all magical pretend, her presence and her energy was all very real. It always calmed me. I could see it. I wish in my older years I had given her more time and consideration. I imagine many people feel that way when reflecting on the death of a loved one. She has quite a following, and I expect a pretty fantastical funeral (if there is such a thing).
This whole experience has got me thinking…how would my obituary read? What would people have to say about me? What good have I done? Will anyone remember something strange, peculiar and beautiful about me? I just want to make an impact. Like Steve Jobs, I want to put a ding in the universe, even if just a tiny dent.

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