Sleepy Saturdays

Feb 25

It took a lot of Lady Gaga and some YouTube worthy “crazy mama dancing” to create these lovely smiles. I’m spending this day being in characteristically relaxed and lazy. It is a nice change. The ladies are enjoying it too.



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Life according to my electronic possessions.

Feb 21

Between my first business trip to Anaheim, smooshing my rapidly growing (teething) twins, and wearing multiple hats both personally and professionally, life has been spinning pretty fast. Rolling with the tide is so much harder than fighting the current, but I’m rolling…rolling…rolling.

Paige in a cage.

Audrey, my “tall” baby. Still only 15 pounds!

Saturday Mornings

Just another day in the life of a serial multitasker.

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Work hard. Play harder.

Feb 19

While doing some photo-editing, this lovely gem appeared in my Lightroom library and I couldn’t bear to just hit delete. So, I present to you: under-caffeinated, zombie-esque, jet-lagged, Little Miss Brainshambles. Courtesy of my boss. I rarely write about work these days. Have I even mentioned what I do? Probably not, because it’s pretty indescribable. I usually find my audience trailing off into a mind numbing stare. What do YOU do for a living? I love that question. Just kidding. Totally kidding.

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Feb 18

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Paper Bag

Feb 17

I’m still recovering from my first business trip to Anaheim. Life is in full swing. Babies are growing. Life is evolving. I have so many thoughts racing around town that the word factory is actually bottle necked, an unsavory but fortunately temporary situation for Little Miss Shambles. It’s felt just a bit empty around here so I thought I’d haphazardly toss in another randomly nostalgic music video. I can’t wait to find time to write. These fingers are dying, just itching to unlock the floodgates. Hold fast, my dear. Hold fast.
In the meantime, it’s Friday night and I think I might just give in to these tired eyes.
Time truly flies.
I keep reminding myself to enjoy the ride.
Smooth or bumpy. You’re locked and loaded, girl. Better hold fast.

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