London is a roost for every bird.

Dec 29

I’m finally starting to hack away at some housekeeping items over this winter “break” weekend. So, while I tinker with the look and feel of things around here, I thought I should share some of the photos I took during trip to London in August of this year. These are just a few, with minimal editing if any. I hope to share more soon in addition to an updated theme for brainshambles. Ambitious – maybe. But who said I was ever anything different?

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Christmas Eve 2012

Dec 24

This has been one crazy year. Lives have grown, changed, ebbed and flowed as the wind blew them around, while others came to a calm yet bittersweet end. I’m starting to feel reflective, but surely more so in the coming days. In a world that often (lately?) feels overshadowed by stress, uncertainty and dreams not manifested as planned – I must remind myself that tremendous feats and growth have happened this year. With a little help from myself and a lot from others, I became a stronger woman. Love and patience was tested, passion won. My daughters are beautiful. They challenge me everyday, and warm my soul. So much could be said here. Passion for all things will get us through. I’ve made a commitment to being true to self, with eagerness to be better – through acts of kindness, love and persistence. Love and be loved. Share the good. Merry Christmas.

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All along it was a fever

Dec 17

I threw my hands in the air and said show me something
He said, if you dare come a little closer…

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