Breathe, little bird.

Mar 18

Don’t let the crown fall. Because there’s no halo underneath promising redemption. Besides, it’s too cold outside for angels to fly. What’s so wrong with holding on to daydreams? When the worst things in life come free and we’re always *just* under that upper hand, what harm can come of the tenacity of persistent optimism and perhaps the stubbornly unyielding quest to be better? Fail, fail, fail. Isn’t that how we climb, climb, climb?

I read once, that it’s not how good you are – rather, how good you want to be.

Hummingbird seeks unlocked cage with no mirrors. Free to a good home.

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Create something.

Mar 09

I definitely needed a pep talk.

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Flames Illuminate our Faces

Mar 03

It all comes back in tsunami waves, like a kaleidoscope of daydreams or perhaps nightmares in color. Wonder where they all are right now? What are they doing, those other people that are hurting or suffering?

The worst part isn’t losing someone or something else. It’s losing yourself. But its in that fallout period, whether a quick outburst or an agonizing string of hours, days and months – where you expect to find your savior, your Jesus, whatever it was that once helped grab you from the burning flames of your own mental detriment. During that fallout, is when you find your light, uncover the sacred scriptures that you once wrote and hid underneath rudimentary layers of growth and empowerment for safekeeping. For times just like these.

But when the lines blur, not even blur but hallucinate – and you struggle to determine if you really “knew” yourself and your convictions to begin with, it makes any loss, threatened or realized even more dangerous. So what do we do when everything is in question and even the most concrete particles of our carefully built, refined, tested and proven persona find themselves standing alone in the limelight?

Maybe, you just leave without a word.
Maybe you keep searching, playing the game.
Maybe you stop clicking on plastic keys.
Where did those ivory ones go?
They left with him, and him…and him.
Is that even fair?

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