Memorial Day Weekend

May 26

I’ve had a lot on my plate, nothing out of the ordinary. Lately, these girls do the best job of making me slow down without even trying. Like, when I’m trying to catch up on bills or write month-late thank you cards and we decide to make art. Live it. Love it. Go with the flow.
Art Girls



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Happy Mother’s Day.

May 11

Hey mamas, it’s no use crying over spilled milk. This stuff is wacky, difficult, up and down. But it’s damn good. Soak up the amazing.

Spilled Milk Mother's Day_2013



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Impossible to ignore.

May 08

Sometimes I listen to songs for hours after the girls are asleep, all sorts of songs. But I almost always end with a smattering of those that remind me of my mother or my father. The Police, The Cranberries, whatever fits my fancy. I don’t see him anymore. But I see her. And I shine bright for both of them if not for myself. A reflection that sometimes I struggle to see, but hope emits the most beautiful and powerful energies that pulse through my veins.

I know I’ve felt like this before
But now I’m feeling it even more
Because it came from you.

Impossible to ignore.

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May 01

My beautiful, hilarious, intelligent and sensitive daughters turned two today. I have so many feelings, and so many thoughts, that I’d rather just document one of the more simple sentiments for this moment.

My heart already felt really large 2 years ago. Abnormally large. I had so much love and passion and energy within me that I didn’t even know what to do with it. I have a lot of questions these days, just like I did 2 years ago, or 3, or 5.

But right now, at this moment, tonight – I have no question about what to do with all my love. I know exactly what to do with it. Place it all towards them, even in the most indirect ways. Give it all to them, in every action I take. Because that’s just where it belongs. It’s so simple, but also so reciprocal.

They gave themselves to me. And I will never stop giving myself to them.

For Audrey & Paige.

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