Can’t shake this feeling now.

Jul 02

I know that we are upside down.

But hearts keep beating, chests keep rising as breath keeps flowing and minds keep racing. We can call it biology or universal coincidence, the acts of an age-old scientific process simply playing out it’s scenes until known or unknown forces call for curtain close. We can chalk this up to the repetition that characterizes insanity, we can question every thought and every word while wasting precious minutes of what in reality is, the grand finale – because the truth is, there is only one take in this film.

Or we maybe we can just stop hearing what other people think about us and our lives, and listen to what they need in theirs. The grand illusion of making the world a better place through self discovery and patent leather polished, self-serving acts is exhausting. And quite frankly, a total waste of what could be one heck of a grand finale.

I’m going to keep it moving, be classy and graceful.

Find the joy, and let it burn through the pain.

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