So fresh and so clean, clean

Feb 22

Lists are both the easy way out, and the honest way in. So let’s recap the last 12 months, shall we?

  • Celebrated my twins’ 4-year birthday (they’re still alive and thriving in tenacious form)
  • Completed year-1 of Global Marketing Manager domination
  • Traveled around the globe
  • Mourned the loss of a cousin, to suicide
  • And an aunt, to violent homicide
  • Hired people
  • Mentored people
  • Loved people
  • Bent, broke and snapped in all ways possible (but using a metaphor, they do say that when new bones grow, they’re often stronger than the old ones. Verdict is still out)
  • Perfected the gin and tonic
  • Got really uncomfortable with new people by choice, laying foundation for creative magic
  • Practiced the art of delegation (still learning)
  • Earned a majestic rheumatoid diagnosis that is typically reserved for people of turkish or asian decent (breaking molds is basically my craft)
  • Sculpted some crazy abs, while eating tortilla chips and cheese daily (own it)
  • Turned off the little icon on my iPhone email app that shows me how many unread emails I have – life changing, I tell you
  • Moved my home office into the basement, which was the best idea ever once I solved some obsessive lighting issues
  • Got over the idea of perfection, only mildly

It’s uncanny, when you turn the music on after it’s been off for so long. Bombs away.











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