An exercise in patience. Sonata number 7.

Oct 14

Girl, what does it sound like when nobody is blowing you up? Can you handle that kind of quiet?

Fighting this war with words, and another one bites the D U S T

But damn, it’s so captivating how everyone loves to watch a bird in a birdcage. How’s the show? Were my lips painted perfectly? Did I balance the facade you wanted with just enough edginess, that you left feeling like there’s something special? Did I challenge you?

Are you thinking? Or are you still just using?

If I work hard enough and make you feel, open your eyes, does that count for something?

Edginess desperately seeks soft, quiet. Take this ball of nervous energy. Use it. Use me. Calm me. Tell me its ok to be quiet. Tell me you see.

Or don’t. I’ll still kill it in the morning and leave all your heads spinning.


-Hummingbird heart, out.

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