A Lesson in Eating/Shopping Your Feelings.

Oct 15

Let me preface this with a general public service announcement: here begins a mundane, boring, classic example of a good old-fashioned style blog entry about how “blah” and “moody” my day has been. That being said…

1. Don’t go to Banana Republic when you are tired/sad/depressed/bored/broke/ever. They will eat your soul. Factory outlet or not…they will E A T your soul. But the dress pants…oh, the dress pants!

2. Trips to Target at 10:00 a.m. involving a basket full of makeup, personal care items, and a 6-pack of Blue Moon *will* result in strange looks. Especially when you are dressed in black yoga pants and a hot pink hoodie. Really, I promise I’m over 21. I even have a career! And babies! And a husband and a house! Amazing…the hats I wear.

3. No food in house? Silent treatment going around? Awesome. Throw some dusty linguine from the basement “stockpile” in a pan with frozen shrimp, coffee creamer (yes), margarine (I know) and some expired spinach leaves. It will be edible after 2 of the above mentioned Blue Moons have been ingested.

4. Crying babies? No solution or advice available at this time. Please stay tuned.

And…back to your regularly scheduled programing.

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