That which gives light must endure burning.

Feb 21

This weekend was more busy and productive than usual. I am no longer the socialite I used to be, so it was nice to attend the Up & Over annual Banquet (it’s a Horse association I’m a member of) on Saturday evening. I won four awards, had two glasses of delicious wine and enjoyed a delightful meal. Kyle and I also left the house Sunday morning for breakfast. But the true highlight of this weekend, I must say was the fabulous finds at a nearby outlet mall. I’m falling more and more in love with Banana Republic. I find it a bit amusing to flaunt about in the dressing room, wearing such darling delicate pieces of clothing while covered in ample amounts of ink. I guess I’ve always been a fan of high contrast.

After my extravagant shopping trip I spent an hour ironing shirts for both Kyle and myself while also organizing my wardrobe. Laundry-done. Dishwasher-on. Hair-straightened. Eyebrows-groomed. Nails-freshly painted. New books for my lunch hour-purchased.

And alas, I am ready to hit the ground running towards another bustling work week. Good night, my darlings.

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