Let her sleep.

Oct 01

Words found, that couldn’t ring more true.

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Tonight I will sleep to dream.

Jun 10

If I’m lucky, little blues and natural exhaustion will grant me the rare pleasure of a few hours sleep. And tomorrow, I will pretend that I’ve woken in a fresh new town. Tired or not, I can always count on a fresh pair of eyes in my back pocket. They never stop looking for light. Little girl, big dreams, a booming pair of headphones and a solemn Sunday evening. What a conundrum. Word of the quarter. CONUNDRUM.

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When life moves too fast for words, photograph.

Jun 08

I decided yesterday morning to put a little extra effort in my 6:30 a.m. twin mama-rama pre-work routine. That really just meant I decided to be silly and put them in knee socks. Audrey and Paige kept them rolled up all day and made quite a charming pair of little ladies, if I might say.

A peculiar, difficult, sleepless and yet strangely exhilarating week has come to a calm close. I’m absolutely ready to dive into my pillow.
Twins in Knee Socks

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Through the rough and rigid cracks, shine light.

Oct 21

It’s Friday night, they say everything’s going to be A L R I G H T.

But it’s never quite right until S U N L I G H T.

Ironic, to seek light [fresh, new light] with such vigor. And yet, F A T E has shaped me into such an insomniac, spending the bulk of my waking hours staring straight into the face of darkness.

I hope my daughters never have trouble sleeping.

When all else fails, drink seasonal beverages and eat Ghiradelli brownies?

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Upgrades [here, there, everywhere]

Oct 08

Almost as refreshing as putting in a fresh pair of contact lenses…

I’ve finally installed the latest version of WordPress. So far, quite pleased.

Plans for the rest of my weekend may now commence: red wine, red velvet cupcakes, and an emergency nap.

I have so many things I want to do. I literally need to clone myself. Actually, I need to clone myself twice. So the original version can hibernate, catch up on what feels like two decades of missed sleep.

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