So I went to England that one time…

Sep 01

I returned from my first international business trip a few days ago. It went nothing like I expected, which isn’t necessarily negative. I have many gorgeous “professional” photos I took on my rare few hours of sightseeing before all hell broke loose, but until life resumes to normal (approximately 2 weeks from now), these rare blackberry photos will serve as my proof of visitation. I’ve never been so busy that I couldn’t take pictures for or of myself on a trip. This one is literally the only specimen…and it’s just of me in a Marriott. I promise a better reflection to come.

Monday Morning in London.

Big Bus Tour, London, UK

Big Bus Tour, London, UK

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Baby Sloth Bath Time

Jan 13

When life brings you down, watch videos of baby sloths. When life brings you up…watch more videos of baby sloths. Seriously.

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Siri Argument

Nov 30

I saw this video last week. It just doesn’t get old.

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Friday Reds

Oct 29

Last night was pretty blue. Better yet – pretty grey. Many many shades of grey. So I said…hey, how about a a red velvet cupcake from “The Cupcakery”, a glass of Merlot, and a bubble bath?

I hate to pessimistically and/or prematurely set the tone for the weekend, but I have a gut feeling that this one won’t be any better than the last. October was supposed to be my month? Sadness, insecurity, wonder, dreams…

I’m up early in the dark, as usual. The girls are starting to coo over the monitor…I like to listen a while before I let them fully wake. Their little voices are starting to develop, and sometimes they even babble to each other in the early hours. Time is again pushing  me, like a gun pressed against the middle of my back. Walk forward? Or bolt sideways? I never was a good runner. But I know you’re supposed to run all crazy sideways if someone is pointing a gun at you. I don’t know what I’d do. Figuratively, I think I’d just turn around and say “really?”

And off I go to feed babies. Then, a trip to hospice. People keep telling me (or not telling me) that my Grandmother might not make it past this weekend. I don’t believe them.


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Things I’m currently loving…

Jun 20

Chobani Greek Yogurt

My Moby Wrap

Frosted Mini Wheats (Cinnamon Streusel!)

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Obsessively checking

Mandarin Lime Energy Hand Soap

My Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

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