New York, Can You Hear Me?

Jun 13

New York, do you remember me? New York, do you still have a place for me? I hope so, because it’s been a hell of a ride and fate is bringing us back together soon. Sick and tired, worn, confused, I’m still coming for you with the fire and ambition of a phoenix. Let’s rise up. For me. For them. Let’s work on that whole “taking the world by storm” concept. But differently. Better.

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London is a roost for every bird.

Dec 29

I’m finally starting to hack away at some housekeeping items over this winter “break” weekend. So, while I tinker with the look and feel of things around here, I thought I should share some of the photos I took during trip to London in August of this year. These are just a few, with minimal editing if any. I hope to share more soon in addition to an updated theme for brainshambles. Ambitious – maybe. But who said I was ever anything different?

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